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Barriers, Covers, & Sleeves

Browse our collection of superior quality barrier products, of the brands you trust, providing maximum protection for you and your patients.


Barrier Chair Covers


Tapered design conforms neatly to your chair. It is disposable, no chair clean up is required. Eliminates the need for a headrest cover and with the reduced usage of disinfectant it extends the life of your chair.


Availble in sizes:

27.5 x 24"  225/box

29 x 80" 225/box

33 x 37" 125/box

48 x 56" 150/box

Barrier Tray Sleeves 


Surface barriers reduce the risk of cross contamination caused by airborne aerosols, splash and spatter. The most common surfaces easily protected by surface barriers are:
1. Touch Surfaces: usually contaminated by staff during a procedure.
2. Transfer Surfaces: not touched directly by the dental staff, but usually contacted by contaminated instruments.
3. Splash, Spatter & Aerosol Surfaces: comprise all surfaces in the operatory not classified as touch or transfer surfaces. Examples include dental chairs, x-ray heads, view boxes, unused countertop areas.

Available in sizes:

10.5 x 14" 500/box

Headrest Covers in plastic and white paper


Disposable plastic headrest lie flat on headrest, providing barrier protection between patient and headrest. This cover protects headrest on operatory chair from damaging effects of surface disinfectants such as cracking or fading. for dental chairs, availble in sizes:

9.5 x 14 250/cs

11.5 x14 250/cs

14.5 x10 250/cs


White Paper/Poly

These headrest covers are polycoated; specifically, they are manufactures from soft facial tissue combined with poly. They are 10" x 10", fitting over most standard headrests, and provide a strong, absorbent barrier that resists fluids. These covers are mady by Crosstex, and thus are made of high-quality material in the U.S.A.

Available in size 10 x 13" 500/cs


Barrier Film Regular Blue

Universal infection control barrier with a low tack adhesive backing that is perfect for use in areas that are difficult to clean, disinfect or sterilize. Perforated 4" x 6" sheets are easy to apply, easy to remove and leave behind no residue.

Available in size

4"X 6" 1320 sheets/roll

Barrier Film Clear 


Eliminates cross contamination while working with handheld equipment. Covers most surface areas.

Apply to almost any surface without worrying about leaving sticky residues behind.

  • Provides all-purpose cleanliness by protecting difficult-to-clean areas

  • Comes in a 4"×6" perforated roll

  • Tear off single or multiple sheets as needed

  • Comes in clear and blue




NRG Barriers Light Handle T-Style

These Light Handle Sleeves are made of clear plastic and are easy to apply. Made to fit most light handles. 

4"W x 5.75"L 550/box

Handpiece Barrier Sleeves


Darby's Handpiece Sleeves are

designed for low-speed handpieces. The disposable plastic sleeve provides a barrier to infectious aerosol reducing chances of cross-contamination. 
Features and Benefits: 
• Cost Effective 
• Protects Staff, Patients and              Instruments 

Syringe Sleeves 


Disposable sleeve made to cover the air water syringe HVE, and saliva ejector valves. Unique tape strip fastens bag to tubing to prevent sliding.

2.5 x 10" 550/box

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