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Daycare Supplies 

Helping create clean, safe learning environments for over 25 years

For Diaper Changing, Food Handing, & Cleaning 
-lightly powdered or powder free
-natural latex color
-strong and stretchy
-micro-beaded textured surface 
-also available in blue, pink, green, and violet
-100 gloves per box, 10 boxes make a case
Product Code ref #IGR 
-latex free for kids and teachers with allergies
-tapered wrist to prevent fluids from entering the glove
-wider cuff for easy donning and removal
-lightly powdered or powder free
-also available in bluepinkgreenand violet
-100 gloves per box, 10 boxes make a case
Product Code ref# VIN or ref #GPS for colors
-latex free for kids and teachers with latex allergies
-powder free
-textured surface
-attractive color
-maxium protection against germs and bacteria
-sizes XS, X, M, L, and XL
-100 gloves per box, 10 boxes make a case

We are your one-stop disposable daycare supplies shop! 

Baby Wipes (100/tub) 

100/tub, pre-moistened w/lanoin &

aloe, alcohol free, hypoallergenic

Refills 80/wipes 


Changing Pads (500/cs) 

Available in 9 colors, 3 ply


Economic Changing Pads (500/cs) 

Available in 4 colors, 3 ply


Deli Wrap Sheets (6000/carton)

Choose sizes: 8, 10, 12, or 15” x10.17”


Table Paper 

Choose sizes 14, 18, or 21”

Come 12 rolls per case 


2-Ply Facial Tissue (36bxs of 100/per case) 


Dial Antimicrobial Soap 

Available by the gallon or 7.5oz pump





First Aid Kits

10, 25, and 50 person 


Plastic Bibs (500/case)              

Tie-on, disposable

Come in a variety of colors and fun prints 



Cold or Hot Compresses


Shoe Covers (50 pairs/bx)                


Kleenex Toilet Tissue (20bx/cs) 


C-Fold Towels (2400/cs)               


Diaper Disposal Bags (75/bx) 

scented w/baby powder, 11.5”x7” 

seals in odors & germs, keeps area clean & sanitary


Hair Nets (100/box)





Check our extensive disposable kitchen supplies list where you'll find plastic and foam plates, bowls, cups, and utensils in various sizes:

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