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From sterilization pouches and biological monitoring kits, to patient bibs and cotton tipped applicators, Dermatec Direct has everything you need to keep your dental practice environment clean, safe, and free of infection. Browse our dental product and infection control pages and feel free to download a copy of our consumables medical supplies list and order today. 

Sterilization Pouches

Size               Product Code

2.25 x 3                SPH2340

2.25 x 4                SPH2350

3.5 x 9                  SPH3510

3.5 x 5.25             SPH3565

4.25 x 12               900-NRGSP425/12

5.25 x 10              SPH5311

5.5 x 11                 900-SLT-83010

2.75 x 9                SPH2810

7.5 x 13                 SPH7514


ADENNA® Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches are designed for use in steam (vapor) and ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilizers. They are manufactured in an ISO certified facility under strict quality control. They feature both built-in internal and external indicators to confirm sterility of the contents, meeting the CDC's recommendation.

ADENNA® Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches were evaluated by the Dental Advisor (TDA) independent clinician consultants in over 5,800 uses and received an 86% clinical rating, + + + + (Very Good) out of the best 5 +'s scale.

-Built-in internal and external indicators that change colors to confirm sterilization is complete.

-The edges of the pouch are sealed by three separately heat-sealed rails, which is stronger than single sealed rail, to prevent separation or tearing by instruments.

-Easy viewing of instruments and identifying any punctures or tears should they occur.

-Durable medical grade paper, wet strength treated for high performance.

-Easily and securely seal pouch.

-Neatly fold the adhesive strip to form a tight seal.

-Prevent corners of pouch from curling after sterilization.

-Easy opening of pouch.

Patient Bibs in Poly-, Econo-, and Pro-back 

The Crosstex Patient Bibs fold with horizontal embossing which allows the moisture to flow horizontally across the towel, protecting the patient's clothing. Our exclusive reinforced edge embossing design provides added strength and durability where towel clips are based. Our unique bonding technique bonds the layers of tissue and poly (when applicable) securely together, eliminating separation of the layers.

19 x 13" and come in three types: Poly-back (3-ply tissue with 1 ply poly), Econo-back (2-ply tissue and 1 ply poly), and Pro-back (heavy duty tissue with a layer of poly).

Available in many colors: blue, lavender, dusty rose, white, and teddy bear & happy feet for children. 

Attractive clear case also available for easy storage and use. 

CUPS (Color coordinate your office with gloves, bibs, and cups!)

      Patient cups are available 1000/cs in blue, mauve, green, lavender, & white. Available in 5oz! 

Lab Coats 



-Static-free, no clinging

-Made of soft three-layer SMS (Spunbond/Meltblown/Spunbond) fabrics

-Fluid-resistant, breathable

-Snap front, three pockets, knit cuffs

-Available with knit or traditional collar


-Autoclavable and washable up to five times

-Latex-free, fire retardant

We carry Valumax lab coats in hip or knee lengths, in a variety of colors: black, blueberry, ceil blue, cranberry, light pink, medical blue, multicolor, purple, raspberry, sky blue, teal, and white. Coats also come in a wide range of sizes, satisfying XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL+. 

Sharps Containers

CSR Wrap

-Available in various sizes: 1, 4, 8, 12 quart

-Color lids: clear, yellow, dark red or translucent red

-Typs of lids: round, snap, or torturous 

  • Superior, non-woven, wrapping fabric for steam and ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilization

  • Folds and drapes like muslin - no spring-back

  • Repels water, blood, and saline

  • Strong, tear-resistant material

  • Effective barrier against air- and water-borne bacteria

Prophy Angels

Crosstex develops the most egronomical dental disposables on the market today.

We carry Crosstex prophy angles in soft, firm, and with a tapered brush. 

Come 100/bx. 


Item                                    Size            Quantity        Product Code

Barrier Chair Covers        27.5 x 24"        225/bx          900-NRGCCH

Barrier Chair Covers        29 x 80"           225/bx          900-NRGCCF

Barrier Chair Covers        32 x 32"           225/bx          900-PNC-3825

Barrier Chair Covers        33 x 37"           125/bx          900-PNC-SGHC125

Barrier Chair Covers        48 x 56"           150/bx          900-PNC-3870-XL

Headrest Plastic Covers  9.5 x14"           250/cs          928-L3CP

Headrest Plastic Covers  11.5 x 10"        250/cs          900-NRG-501-R

Headrest Plastic Covers  14.5 x 10"        250/cs          900-NRG-501-L

Headrest Poly/white         10 x 10"                                928-L0WH

Headrest Poly/white         10 x 13"                                928-L3WH

Barrier Film Blue               4 x 6"              1200/roll      900-NRGBFR-B

Barrier Film Clear              4 x 6"              1200/roll      63-4488

Light Handle Sleeves                                500/bx          900-NRGBLH

Handpiece Barrier Slv                              500/bx         944-9508255

Syringe Sleeves                2.5" x 10"         55/bx           900-NRGSSC

Barrier Tray Sleeves        10.5 x 14"        500/bx          928-BCTS1014

Kodak Camera Sheath     K1500              500/cs          951-21001



Item                                               Quantity                Product Code  2x2 NW Cotton File Sponge            5000/cs               900-NRGES22NS

NW NS Sponges                               4000/cs                63-3252

3x3 Gauze 4 ply                                4000/cs                63-3253

4x4 NW NS Sponges                        2000/cs                63-3254

Cotton Rolls #2 NS                           2000/cs                928-DNAC

2 Medium Cotton Rolls Braided      2000/cs                928-DNCB

6"x3/8" diam braided cotton rolls   200/bx                 944-8840458

#3 Cotton Tipped Applicators          1000/bx               63-4301

#6 Cotton Tipped Applicators          1000/bx               63-4302

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