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Dermatec Direct is a sales organization located in Tampa, Florida providing top quality gloves, protective/infectious apparel and other key disposable products to a vast array of industries nationwide. Our customer base includes dentists, doctors, daycares, tattoo parlors, food services companies, funeral homes, farms, taxidermies, correctional institutes, supermarkets and many other markets. 


We have trademarked over 100 brands of gloves while specializing in offering the largest variety of colors in the industry. To complement our glove offerings, we also provide thousands of other ancillary items to our customers. Our knowledgeable customer service and sales team are committed to helping our customers find products that fit all of their varying needs and budgets.


We are the home of the COLOR glove and carry latex and non-latex, medical grade and non-medical grade, in blue, pink, violet, green, black, and a variety of other colors!  Dermatec Direct--bringing you exceptional quality at competitve prices, always. 

Our inventory is vastly industry-specific, supplying highly specialized disposables and consumables just right for your business needs.

We are proud to provide dental care professionals with such a vast selection of exam gloves and dental consumables. With hundreds of dental supplies to choose from, it's easy for dentists to make Dermatec Direct their one-stop shop for their monthly dental supplies re-order. Click "Learn More" to browse our dental supplies selection.

We supply childcare centers with the products needed to maintain a clean and healthy learning environment. Latex-free gloves, table paper, changing pads, shoe covers, and bibs are our top sellers! Click "learn more" for our daycare supplies list. 

Tattoo artist can't get enough of our medical grade exam gloves. Not only do they come powder free and in an array of attractive colors, but they are soft and comfortable for long term use, have a textured surface for enhanced tactility, and come in black to mask the blood. From saniderm to sterilization pouches in all sizes, artists also love our wide selection of tattooing supplies. Payment options are flexible too; COD delivery available upon request.  

Dermatec Direct also has a funeral home supplies division where you can find embalmers gloves, lab coats, urns, fluids, embalming materials, make-up kits, prayer books, and other items to satisfy your mortuary needs.


Need a food grade glove for the prep room, factory, or plant? Need a strong latex-free glove with cuffs to protect you for your taxidermy work? No matter what the industry, Dermatec Direct has the perfect glove to fit your

industry needs. 




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