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Our Story

With thousands of products readily available, our warehouse works fast and efficient deliverying quality products to you!



Dermatec Direct was formed in 1999 as a partnership. The company’s main focus at the time was to provide the dental market gloves and other dental supplies and equipment. The transformation of Dermatec occurred after its President, Anthony Singleton, attended a pandemic seminar and realized the increasing need for gloves and other protective apparel in combatting evolving epidemics like the H1N1 (Swine Flu).

With refocusing the company’s infra-scructure and marketing to fulfil these increasing needs, Dermatec dramatically grew into the company it is today. 

In 2007, Mr. Singleton purchased Dermatec and became majority owner. The ingenuity and spirit that existed created many opportunities for Dermatec and was even able to outperform many of the more established companies in the marketplace at the time. 


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