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Imagine never buying tablets, shocking the system, using pricey distilled water, or                                                                                                purging your water lines EVER AGAIN! 

 Yes, it is possible with the same         technology developed for NASA.

DentaPure is, literally, rocket science for water. DentaPure delivers uninterrupted water treatment to dental waterlines, substantially reducing patient and staff exposure to harmful bacteria for a year.


It is reliable, very simple to use, extremely easy to install, affordable, and cost efficient. 


DentaPure differentiates itself in the industry by providing advanced water treatment technology for your dental unit waterlines. While the technology was originally developed by NASA to ensure water consumed in space was free of bacteria, viruses and any other harmful organisms, it is more than that now. Scientists at DentaPure have continued to research and expand on the original NASA technology and now offer several EPA registered antimicrobial waterline products.


Dental Unit Water Safety Has Never Been Easier

Crosstex DentaPure® is rocket science for dental unit waterlines; DentaPure utilizes the same proven technology developed for NASA to ensure water consumed in space is free of bacteria, viruses and any other harmful organisms. The cartridge contains iodinated resin beads; the atomic isotopes are released as water passes through the resin matrix (elutes 2-4ppm of iodine). The elemental iodine in DentaPure contains no allergenic proteins. A complete system—Dentapure is easily installed into your waterlines and provides pure water an entire year.


Eliminate Human Error & Cumbersome Compliance Protocols

DentaPure eliminates the need to use tablets or mix chemicals and requires no daily, weekly or monthly testing protocols. DentaPure provides safe and effective uninterrupted waterline treatment and has no risk of leaving caustic chemicals in your waterlines. There is no need for shocking, tablets, distilled water or complicated monitoring protocols.


FDA Cleared and EPA Registered Antimicrobial Product

DentaPure meets and exceeds microbiological water standards, including OSAP, CDC and ADA guidelines. DentaPure is so effective that many university systems and dental schools rely on DentaPure for compliance in their clinics. EPA #74245-5 and FDA 510K #K992868, K992893. 

No Hazardous Silver. No Special Trash Disposal Requirements

DentaPure contains no hazardous silver; dispose of cartridges in any standard trash container. The cartridge contains isotopic elemental iodine which does not contain allergenic proteins. Did you know that iodine is the heaviest naturally occurring element in our bodies and is required for our bodies’ metabolism? In comparison, hazardous silver is not naturally occurring in our bodies. DentaPure is safe for you, your patients and your staff.


No Hidden Labor Costs • Compliant Water for an Entire Year in Just Minutes

Implementing compliance protocols can be complicated and time consuming, subjecting your practice to unnecessary labor expenses and ongoing hassles. The DentaPure system makes compliance easy with one quick cartridge installation; select bottle or municipal cartridge based on your waterline system. We’ll even remind you when it’s time to change your cartridge.

DentaPure is:









How DentaPure Works

Inside each DentaPure cartridge, whether for municipal or bottled water, is a quantity of iodinated resin. As water flows through the cartridge it pulls elemental iodine, I2, from the resin into the water stream. From there the iodine interacts with any bacteria in the water, killing it on contact. This simple system is FDA and EPA cleared to provide water under 200 CFU/mL with absolutely no testing requirement. Remember, it was designed to provide water under 1 CFU/mL to the astronauts in the space shuttle! With no protein attached to the iodine, it poses no risk for allergies and any “unused” iodine evaporates into the air. Your water is safe to use, safe to drink and safe to run down the drain. Your cartridge can go into the trash when the useful life is exhausted.

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