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Serving mortuaries and funeral homes while helping families come together in their greatest time of need 

Call our highly trained funeral home product specialists today for more imformation on our quality mortuary and service supplies list! 

Browse our extensive supply list:

Prayer Group
-Complete Wardrobes Sets
-Disinfectants and Sterilants 
-Drape sheets
-Embalming fluids

-Embalming machines
-Embalming instruments
-Gowns & coats
-Hypo Needles & Syringes
-Make-Up Kits
-Masks of all types
-Mouth Formers
-Printed materials for services
-Protective gloves 
-Register books
-San veino
-Shoe covers
-Surgical Hoods
-Urns in an array of beautiful designs, shapes, and size
                                                     ...and hundreds of more items!  

We've developed close and trusting relationships with our vendors, resulting in bringing you the best products at the lowest prices. Click the 

"Monthly Specials" box to get an

update of the lastest clearances,

blowouts, and deals!

From "Dry Guard's" special formula superior in tissue penetration and preservation, to "Leak Guard's" innovative formula designed to close pores and harded tissue while pulling moisture, we are confident in providing the perfect solution for your embalming needs. 

We have a stunning collection of beautifully crafted Urns to choose from, in a variety of colors, shapes, designs. 


Click the glove type below to view more information. 

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