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Infection Control 



Keep your office clean and help stop the spread of dangerous infecious diseases with our line of disinfectant wipes, solutions, and cleaners: 

Sanitex Plus Gallon

Unique formulation dual chain quaternary/alcohol broad spectrum germicidal solution

SANITEX PLUS functions as a hospital strength disinfectant, one step cleaner and deodorizer on all Non-Porous environmental surfaces. SANITEX PLUS is EPA registered for use as a surface cleaner and disinfectant and an immersion disinfectant for non-critical instruments, for no more than 10 minutes. • Tuberculocidal, viricidal, bactericidal, fungicidal • Meets all OSHA & CDC guidelines • Fresh Lemon Scent • Econiomical, non-staining and biodegradable


When using surface disinfectants: The best way to avoid unwanted damage, discoloration, or unpredictable health effects is to use professional EPA-approved products according to label directions. If more than one product is used on a surface, use only products with compatible ingredients.

Sanitex Wipes

Alcohol Free in Large and XLarge

  • Fragrance free formulation; no harsh odors

  • Effective against 44 microorganisms in 3 minutes, including 12 relevant multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) and TB

  • Alcohol free - perfect for use on equipment and hard non porous surfaces that sensitive to alcohol

  • Fragrance, alcohol, bleach, acid, phenol, acetone, and ammonia free

  • Meets CDC, OSHA and CMS Tag F441 guidelines

  • Bactericidal, Tuberculocidal, Virucidal

  • Large come 160wipes/tub; xLarge come 65wipes/tub

Cavicide Disinfectant

CaviCide is a convenient, ready-to-use, intermediate-level surface disinfectant that is effective against TB, HBV, HCV, viruses (hydrophilic and lipophilic), bacteria (including MRSA and VRE) and fungi. It can be used in the NICU, operating rooms, isolation rooms, patient care areas and laboratories. When used as directed, it will also effectively clean and decontaminate critical and semi-critical instrumentation.

  • 1-minute contact time for virucidal, bactericidal (including TB), fungicidal activity

  • 1-step cleaner and disinfectant*

  • Available in multiple configurations for your office needs

  • Fragrance-free

  • Bleach-free

  • Multi-purpose cleaner for everyday use

Available in:

-Wipe Large 160wipes/tub

-Wipe XLarge 65wipes/tub

-24oz bottle

-1 Gallon and 2.5 gallon 2-pack




Enzymatic Ultrasonic Tab

Made from a biodegradable, non-chlorine formulation that contains fast acting protease enzymes. Enhances removal of blood and other soils that may be resistant to chemical detergents.

Neutral pH formula will not damage or harm instruments/endoscopes. Contains no harsh alkaline components - non-corrosive. May be used as an Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution, Instrument Presoak and/or Evacuation System Cleaner.

Tarter and Stain Remover

Use this potent stain remover on dentures, bridges, crowns and orthodontic appliances. The ready to use formula quickly breaks up and removes calculus and tartar while eliminating stains caused by tobacco and food. Use in a beaker placed inside the ultrasonic unit for best results.

Evacuation System Cleaner

ECOTEX Evacuation System Cleaner, 64 oz. bottle. THE ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS CHOICE! Bacterial-based cleaner provides residual over-night debris removal from cuspidor drains and suction systems, Works under all conditions, even in cold water, Neutral pH, safe for amalgam traps, equipment, environment and staff. Pleasant scent. Incredibly economical 128 treatments per gallon. Single 64 oz bottle.


Pre-Soak Gallon

Darby All-In-One Enzymatic Cleaner ia an environmentally friendly solution that contains no harsh chemicals and no foaming. This solution will deodorize the evacuation system from suction tip to vacuum pump including traps, eliminating order on contact.

Can also be used as an instrument pre-soak and ultrasonic solution.

Features and Benefits:
• Non-toxic
• Non-foaming
• Enzymes feed on protein matter
• Ecologically sound
• Biodegradable
• Evacuation system cleaner
• Instrument pre-soak
• Organic stain cleaner
• Compatible with amalgam seperators

Gallon (Makes 32 Gallons)

Glutaraldehyde (Cold Sterilant)

ProCide-D is a long life, activated 28 day, buffered glutaraldehyde solution. ProCide-D is recommended for the sterilization of heat sensitive, immersible dental equipment and instruments.


  • No dilution required / Activation Required

  • Achieve sterilization after soaking items for 10 hours at 25º C

  • Compatible with most dental instruments*


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