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TPC Advanced Technology

              LED Curing Lights and Intraoral Cameras


TPC Advanced Technologies provides dental professionals with quality imaging equipment with brand new, lightweight intraoral cameras and LED curing lights. Combining the latest in technology, the AdvanceCAM USB Direct and LED Lights are exceptional tools for patient education, higher case acceptance, maximum portability and improved patient communication. 



Simplicity         Portability         Versatility         Clarity 

LED 55N High Speed Cordless LED Curing Light


Extremely fast working times


High intensity output

Cures most materials in only 5-10 seconds

Additional battery included

LED 60N & LED 70N High Speed Cordless LED Curing Light 


Easy to read display

High light intesity

5-10 second cure time, no down time

Flexible-corded or cordless options

Quiet fan that extends LED life

Sleep mode option to conserve power

Low battery signal with a visual and audible alarm 

AdvanceCAM Intraoral Cameras


Corded Direct USB Camera System

High speed direct USB connection with no docking station requirec

Lightweight handpiece and reduced cabling

Disconnects effortlessly for quick transfer to another operatory

Virtually eliminates image distortion by utilizing true optics

Optional mini LCD screen

State-of-the-art 4 LED lighting system

















The Mini SD Card Camera System 

Equipped with mini SD memory storage

Optional battery pack for complete cordless operation

Features a lightweight handpiece and no cabling

Connects directly to LCD monitor via composite video cable


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