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Our non-medical grade latex and latex-free gloves satisfy a wide selection of industries. These gloves are suitable for professionals in industries that don't require a medical grade glove. When a comfortable and flexible barrier is needed to protect you against the elements and messes for short-term applications and uses, our line of industrial-grade gloves are perfectly accomodating. 


Our industrial grade soft and supple latex glove is form fitting to the hand. Very similar to our medical grade latex, it's equipped with a low rip and tear factor. High in tenstile strength, this option provides incredible comfort while lessening hand fatigue so it's perfect for longer durations. The latex industrial grade come in powder-free natural color, lightly-powder natural color, and lightly-powder colors: blue, green, pink, and violet. 


Although not as stretchy or soft, the Nitrile industrial grade glove is up to 3x more resistant to puncture and chemicals than a latex glove. With properties of incredible strength and durability, improvements in our manufacturing process produce gloves with better tactile sensitivity and comfort than ever before. These gloves have a roughened surface for enhanced gripping capabilites. Nitrile is 100% latex-free, preventing allergic reactions to latex. 

Another latex-free option alternative to nitrile, the vinyl glove is the perfect economical and practical solution for non-medical uses. Daycare centers, food prep and restaurant workers, estheticians, cosmetologists, gardeners, and others benefit from choosing vinyl gloves for their low-risk, short-term tasks. Looser in fit yet comfortable, our vinyls come powder free, lightly powdered, and powder free in blue, pink, green, and violet. 

All Purpose Nitrile

The first soft & stretch all purpose nitriles! 

Dermatec is pleased to announce the addition of its new All Purpose Nitriles which joins the nationally recognized Dermatec brand of gloves. 

Available in sizes S, M, L, and XL (unlike our competitors)      

This glove is very versatile and is made for a variety of markets: daycares, mechanics, food prep/handling, beauty supply, cleaning/maintenance, and vet/grooming. 

**Meets USDA & FFDCA guidelines**

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