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We are not just your glove superstore, but house a wide selection of dental consumables. Shop the brands you trust and rely on at the most competitive prices. 



Sterilization Pouches

Autoclave Tape

CSR Wrap

Patient Bibs of varying colors

Patient Cups of varying colors

Prophy Angles (soft, firm, tapered brush)

Tongue Depressors

Sharps Containers

Cotton Products (applicators, sponges, gauze)

Confirm Biological Test Kits

Enzymatic Ultrasonic Tabs

Evacuation System Cleaner




Tarter and Stain Remover

Barrier Chair Covers

Headrest Covers

Barrier Film Blue

Light Handle Sleeves




Handpiece Barrier Sleeves

Syringe Sleeves

Air/Water Syringe Tips

Intraoral Camera Sheath

Kodak Camera Sheath

VPS Adhesive

Alginate Fast Set

Finger Cots

Glove Box Holder

Earloop Masks

Shield, Visor, Cone Masks

Bouffant Caps

Surgical Aspirator Tips

HVE Tips

Saliva Ejectors

LED Cordless Curing LED Light

Lab Coats (Hip or Knee length)

Brand Restorative Composites

Adhesive Systems/Bonding Agents, Cements,

And Core Buildups




  • Hip & Knee Length

  • Static free - No Clinging

  • 11 Attractive Colors

  • Soft 3 layer "SMS" Fabrics

  • Fluid Resistant, breathable

  • Meets OSHA Requirements

  • Snap Front, 3 pocket, knit cuffs and collar

  • Autoclavable & washable up to 5 times

Lab Coats 


  • Isolite - available in Blue or Pink - 50/box

  • Surgical Molded - available in Blue or Pink - 50/box

  • Isofluid - available in Blue, Green, Lavender, Pink, Sapphire, Teal, Topaz, & Turquoise - 50/ box 

  • Isofluid Fog Free - available in Blue, Sapphire, Topaz, & Turquoise - 40/box 

  • Isofluid Fog-Free with Shield - available in Blue, Sapphire, Topaz, & Turquoise - 25/box 

  • Procedural - available in Blue, Lavender, Pink & Yellow - 50/box 

  • N95 Particulate Respirator - NOSH approved N95 Respirator - Blue & Strips - 28/bx 

  • Surgical Tie-On - Only comes in Blue - 50/box 

  • Ultra No-Fog - Only comes in Blue - 40/bx Ultra - No Fog with Shield - only comes in Blue - 25/bx

  • Ultra Sensitive - only comes in - white hypoallergenic inner cellulose layer - 50/box


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