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Trusted in supplying the nation's health care professionals with the highest level of protective apparel products for over 20 years. 

Housing thousands of disposable medical supplies and specializing in manufacturing the highest quality of latex and non-latex gloves for all markets.    

Innovative Manufacturing

       Immense Selection                                

             Exceptional Quality                            

                   Competitive Pricing          

                        Outstanding Customer Service

Manufacturing and distributing latex, nitrile, vinyl, and synthetic disposable gloves in a variety of colors and sizes, nationwide!

"I've been ordering gloves here for years. It's nice to have every size in a different color at the office, and the soft latex never fatigues my hands."
-Jennifer, Dental Hygenist, Boston
"I like the fact these lab coats can be washed up to five times, saves me money and they fit great."
-Tom, Lab Tech, Atlanta
"Best customer service around! They not only resolved a hickup quickly, but now a few buddies of mine use Dermatec gloves because of my constant bragging. You guys rock."
-Nick, Tattoo Artist, Phoenix

"Just started buying most of my supplies here and so glad I did! According to my finances, I'll be saving thousands of dollars this year! Customer Service is so accommodating too."

-Raya, Esthetician, Tampa


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