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Advacements in technologies and manufacturing have led to producing a stronger yet more comfortable vinyl glove than ever before. Our vinyl exam gloves are made with PVC polymers containing plasticizers for a better stretch and feel than leading vinyl glove competitors. A cost efficient alternative to latex, our vinyl gloves not only provide a trusting barrier protection against pathogens, germs, and contaminants but also mold to the hand like a latex glove. Equipped with a tapered wrist to seal in protection yet a wide cuff so the glove is easier to put on and take off, the vinyl exam glove is designed to maximize comfort, protection, and value. 

100 gloves/box



-Made from polyvinyl chloride



-Rolled beaded cuff

-Soft, stretchy, and comfortable

-Improved tactile sensitivity


-3.9 mil in thickness

-Non-sterile, single use only

-Available in XS, S, M, L, and XL

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